Why Job Costing?

Construction is the highest risk industry in the US economy. This is because costs can so easily get out of control. Before long, a job that was estimated at a profit is losing money. Job Costing is the tool that monitors actual costs job by job, phase by phase, day by day. You canít fix a problem if you donít know itís there. Thatís what Job Costing is all about.

The following video explains the job cost accounting process, and why it is important. It is demonstrated using A-Systems JobView, job cost accounting software.

Hereís a thought: If you generate a dollar in revenue, how much of that goes to the bottom line? Only a few cents. However, if you reduce expenses by a dollar, how much makes it to the bottom line? All of it! Using job cost accounting in your construction company could be the easiest money you ever make. Certainly, it will end those sleepless nights caused by not knowing if a job is profitable or not.

About A-Systems

A-Systems has provided accounting software for the construction industry since 1978. In fact, A-Systems created the first job cost accounting software for the PC.

After 40 years, A-Systems continues to create powerful solutions for the construction industry. Click here to learn more about A-Systems JobView® construction accounting software.